Saturday, April 05, 2008

The New Parking Rules - Potential Money Spinner?

Last Monday the parking regulations in the UK were changed. The official line is that it'll be a fairer system. To achieve this the following changes have been introduced:
  • CCTV can now be used to issue tickets
  • Parking on a yellow lines now carries an increased fine
  • Clamping to be phased out except for repeat offenders

The biggest change is the fact that motorists can now receive a letter in the post requiring them to pay a huge fine for an apparent motoring offence commit weeks earlier.

The possibility for mistakes being made is huge. Suppose you stop on a yellow line to drop someone off... don't stop for too long or the CCTV camera will think you're parking there.

One good move is the reduction in clamping, although the reason behind this is likely to be as much financial gain as it is for a fairer system. Clamping is time-consuming, labour-intensive and expensive. It certainly doesn't compare to a quick new system of sending out fines in the post.

All in all it's good news for councils. If they're a little short of cash they have a new money spinner at their disposal - CCTV parking cameras.