Sunday, March 30, 2008

15mph Speed Limits on the Way

New eco towns are to have 15mph speed limits, which will also be enforced on the main roads leading into them, combined with car-free town centres. Don't expect too many visitors.

Housing minister Caroline Flint has said:

"These developments will be exemplars for the rest of the world, not just the rest of the country. It's critical that we get it right - and I make no apology for setting the bar as high as possible. We have a unique opportunity to deliver a programme which will genuinely revolutionise the way people live"

How exactly this would be revolutionary living we're not quite sure. Car-free towns existed throughout the 19th century and before, and people also used to travel around at 15mph. On horseback.

It's incredible how cars are continually targeted yet other high CO2 emitters are overlooked. What about shipping? It's an industry that produces twice as much CO2 as airlines, but escapes any action. Perhaps because it's a low profile industry which wouldn't directly affect people.

But then we have to save the polar bears. Or do we? Polar bear numbers are soaring whilst we have our lives further inconvenienced by ridiculous rules... 15mph speed limits, £25 congestion zone for many vehicles, fortnightly rubbish collections. How long until we have a tax on breathing?