Tuesday, March 25, 2008

12 Websites to get you through a Recession

With the banking crisis resulting in stock markets across the world falling there are ongoing worries that the UK could experience a recession. Therefore we’ve trawled the internet to put together our top 12 websites to get you through a recession:

1. PetrolPrices.com – oil prices have soured above $100 a barrel and show no sign of falling back down to their previous levels. However, you can visit PetrolPrices.com to discover where the cheapest petrol in your local area is. Prices can vary by up to 15 pence per litre so it’s well worth checking it out.

2. Liftshare – car sharing is extremely under-promoted despite offering substantial environmental and cost benefits. Only a 3.6% increase in car occupancy would have the same impact on carbon dioxide levels and road congestion as doubling the number of people who use buses. What’s move, car sharing can halve the cost of driving to work every day. With over 200,000 members you’ll have a good chance of finding fellow commuters traveling in your direction.

3. YourParkingSpace – whilst on the subject of motoring we thought we’d mention ourselves. If you own a driveway, parking space or garage you can rent it out, a simple way to bring in over £1000 each year. We also take no commissions or charge any fees to advertise your space.

4. MoneySupermarket – with the UK economy in a tight spot with rising inflation it’s unlikely that it’ll be possible to lower interest rates much in the foreseeable future. But you can still lower your monthly payments through comparing 8,500 mortgages at MoneySupermarket.

5. uSwitch – we all use gas, electricity and water so take a look at uSwitch to see whether you can save any money on these essential bills. They’re an impartial comparison service so are well worth checking out as the savings can be significant over the course of a year.

6. MyVoucherCodes – if you shop online you’ll be well aware of the promotional code option that is present almost every time you make a purchase. Ever wonder where to get these promotional codes? Simply pop along to MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, select the retailer you’re planning to purchase a product from, and various vouchers will be displayed.

7. PayPerPost – saving money is all very well but it also helps if you make some extra income. This is where PayPerPost comes in, a website where you can find companies willing to pay you to write about them on a blog. If you have the time set up a blog for free using Blogger or Wordpress, write a few articles over the next 30 days, and then join PayPerPost and start getting paid. Other similar sites are ReviewMe and BlogAds. An extra £100 per month is a very realistic target.

8. Price Runner – with your extra income you may decide that you can spend a little but make sure you get the best prices. Compare prices of many goods on Price Runner, then pop along to MyVoucherCodes to see whether any vouchers are available before making the purchase.

9. eBay – we’ve all heard of eBay and it’s still far and away the best place to sell your possessions. De-clutter your house this spring and you could make a small fortune on eBay.

10. Money Saving Expert – this is a website that includes a wealth of money-saving tips, including credit card comparisons, how to claim back bank charges, and how to lower your council tax band.

11. CBFSMS.com – for all those who frequently send texts on their mobile phones, you can now drastically cut the cost of your mobile by sending free texts at CBFSMS.com. The savings can be particularly significant if you’re on pay as you go, and if you’re wondering whether a free international text service exists, well, it does – check out SendSMSNow.com

12. Train Delays – if you commute to work on the train you’ve probably experienced more than your fair share of delayed trains. Now you can claim compensation for every one of your train journeys that have been delayed by over 30 minutes or cancelled. Find current delays and information on how to claim at TrainDelays.co.uk. And whilst you’re waiting around for your delayed train why not get 20% off food and drink at railway stations using the BiTE card.

Know of any other useful sites? Feel free to leave a comment or drop us an email.