Thursday, February 01, 2007

Car Parking Around The Globe

Progressive parking solutions have been making the news over in the US recently, with NewYork's first robotic parking garage being opened. As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, this is seen as the solution in America to the parking problem - we've gone for driveways, they've chosen robots. It'll be interesting to see whether Americans trust a robot to park their car - previous trials have apparently resulted in dropped vehicles and trapped cars.

The US is also leading the way with in-car technology, this time with car parking availability being streamed directly to people's dashboards. How long until we see something similar in the UK? We wouldn't count on it being any time soon. The UK authorities have been busy during the last month doing what they do best... unveiling devices that issue more parking fines, this time in the form of high-tech cars which use a CCTV camera fitted in a periscope. Nice to see that progress is being made.

Back here at YourParkingSpace January has been our busiest month. Parking space enquiries are going through the site every day, and for those that haven't received any enquiries yet - remember to add us to your safe list or emails from potential renters will most likely end up in your junk folder, never to be seen by yourself.