Friday, September 29, 2006

Websites worth checking out

We thought it was about time for a round-up of useful websites for the motorist. With petrol prices falling slightly over the last few weeks you can make even more savings by finding the lowest petrol price in your area. It's free to use, with only a short registration form to fill in. Prices can vary by surprisingly large amounts. At the time of writing, for example, in Richmond (Surrey) the highest price for unleaded petrol was 92.9p compared to the lowest price of 84.9p.

To potentially make further savings on petrol prices check out a company call Pipeline. They work through the logic of bulk buying, with the idea being that substantial discounts could be negotiated with a major forecourt chain if people in the UK come together as one. It's free to join but you'll have to wait for any possible savings to emerge - negotiations with a major retailer are still ongoing. While we're on the subject of petrol prices you could take a look at Petrol Direct - petrol delivered direct to your home at hugely discounted prices. Yes, a hoax it is but they certainly did a good job. The site looks very professional until you start digging deeper.

Finally, if you're more into saving the environment than finding ways to keep your petrol costs low then why not try lift sharing? With over 130,000 members you have a good chance of finding someone travelling in your direction. With that combined with savings on your petrol costs you could have quite a bit of extra cash in your pocket.